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Dean of Brussels University blames rape victim

This is the story of the campaign in English for non-Dutch speaking people and our international audience.

UPDATE: Our campaign was successful, Willem Elias was forced to resign from his position as Dean. Whether he will remain as a teacher will be determined in a meeting of the university board of directors. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the campaign, and solidarity forever!

Willem Elias, dean of the faculty of psychology of the Free University Brussels recently attacked a rape victim that filed a complaint against a famous politician. He accused her of making things up and said she was responsible for the suicide of the accused rapist.

Famous Belgian politician Steve Stevaert recently committed suicide. He had been accused of rape (there was physical evidence) and the trial would have started in the coming months. Only hours after his death people in the media already started blaming the victim.


Translation: We will miss you Steve. You were a fine man and very intelligent. The women… a weakness we understand. To the lady who is responsible for this, one thing. For rape you contact the police immediately or at the most the day after. Not three years later. And victims that are dropped off by the driver are very rare.

The university is not planning to sack the dean or force him to resign or retire. A half-hearted apology was expected to be enough (“i didn’t mean to offend…”). They didn’t expect the enormous amount of protest and media attention calling for action, with many people demanding the resignation of dean Willem Elias from the university.

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