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Feminism and transgender liberation part 2: creating space for respectful communication

The feminism and transgender liberation debate could do with a lot less hating on each other and a lot more respectful communication. I’m convinced there’s still a lot of misunderstanding between two groups that could just as well be allies.

Before continuing to write on this issue I’d like to point out one positive example that we could all learn from: the conversation that took place in October 2014 in New York between famous black feminist bell hooks and actress and black trans woman Laverne Cox.

We’ll be covering more of the current heated discussion surrounding Laverne Cox later. For now, enjoy at least this one example of being “lovingly critical” as bell hooks calls it. She does call out Laverne Cox on several issues but also tries to understand her story and the context in which her decisions take place. It’s an eye-opener and an insightful and sometimes damn funny conversation.

Without further ado:

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The feminism and transgender liberation debate of 2015 – the story so far

On March 22nd, an article about feminism and transgender was published on the site of Socialist Resistance – a British socialist organisation. Although it was called Feminism and transgender: why is there a debate, it turned out to be a piece of someone who doesn’t see trans women as “real women”. No debate, indeed. We – FEL – see this as hate speech, we are a trans inclusive, radical and anti-racist feminist organisation.

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Building Bridges – Radical Feminism and Transgender persons


by Evie Embrechts

This article was first published in the magazine Scumgrrrls, #19, Summer 2012.

If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.

—Audre Lorde

What unites us is not a common sexuality or experiences or identities or self-expression. It’s that we’re up against a common enemy.
—Leslie Feinberg

Personal history

Growing up, I slowly gained an understanding of oppression. I still remember when I first joined an anti-racist group, sitting in a student restaurant and suddenly grasping the idea of a structure that oppresses us, that it is not just “bad people” that are the problem.

Later, sometimes slow and sometimes with sudden bolts of understanding I gained some gender awareness. I became a member of a gender action group. I was very happy to be a part of that group, Lees verder Building Bridges – Radical Feminism and Transgender persons

Transinclusie – leesmateriaal

Feministisch en Links (FEL) is een feministische en transinclusieve groep. Wij willen ons steentje bijdragen aan een respectvol debat rond dit onderwerp, aan een feminisme dat doordacht is en transinclusief. Daarom zullen we regelmatig linken naar artikels en websites rond dit onderwerp. Hieronder alvast een eerste lijst met interessante teksten.

Many otherwise decent and sensible cis feminists have fallen prey to lazy transphobic thinking. In the vast majority of cases, cis feminist transphobia does not stem from deep, personal hatred of trans people, but from drastic, tragic misapprehension of the issues at stake.

– Laurie Penny, Moving Towards Solidarity

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Leesgroep 13 mei: transgenderbevrijding en cisseksisme

Vrijdag 13 mei om 20u: Leesgroep rond transgenderbevrijding en cisseksisme

Waar? Gent, mail naar felfeminisme@gmail.com om exacte locatie te weten
Wat? we lezen en bespreken teksten over transgenderbevrijding en cisseksisme:

  1. The Transfeminist Manifesto van Emi Koyama
  2. Skirt Chasers: Why the Media Depicts the Trans Revolution in Lipstick and Heels van Julia Serano
  3. (optioneel) Trans Gender Liberation: a movement whose time has come van Leslie Feinberg
  4. (aangeraden voor feministes met weinig ervaring met het cisgender/transgender thema) Cisgender privileges