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Leesgroep Transgender Warriors – 10 nov

Vrijdag 10 nov vanaf 19u:

Leesgroep over het boek Transgender Warriors (van Leslie Feinberg)

Ook welkom als je het boek nog niet gelezen hebt!

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The feminism and transgender liberation debate of 2015 – the story so far

On March 22nd, an article about feminism and transgender was published on the site of Socialist Resistance – a British socialist organisation. Although it was called Feminism and transgender: why is there a debate, it turned out to be a piece of someone who doesn’t see trans women as “real women”. No debate, indeed. We – FEL – see this as hate speech, we are a trans inclusive, radical and anti-racist feminist organisation.

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Feminism and transgender liberation

Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose
the time, and the arena, and the manner of our revolution,
but more usually
we must do battle where we are standing.
— Audre Lorde

I’m a feminist. And a socialist. And a trans woman. I’m writing this because I’m angry and I want to do something productive with that anger.

Two days ago, a British socialist organisation published an article about transgender people. Not only do I disagree, I also disagree that this is just an opinion. Trans hatred would be a better term. The piece is supposed to be part one of two, one written by a feminist, one written by a trans activist. To get the debate going. Well, let’s have us some debate then.

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