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Feminism and transgender liberation part 2: creating space for respectful communication

The feminism and transgender liberation debate could do with a lot less hating on each other and a lot more respectful communication. I’m convinced there’s still a lot of misunderstanding between two groups that could just as well be allies.

Before continuing to write on this issue I’d like to point out one positive example that we could all learn from: the conversation that took place in October 2014 in New York between famous black feminist bell hooks and actress and black trans woman Laverne Cox.

We’ll be covering more of the current heated discussion surrounding Laverne Cox later. For now, enjoy at least this one example of being “lovingly critical” as bell hooks calls it. She does call out Laverne Cox on several issues but also tries to understand her story and the context in which her decisions take place. It’s an eye-opener and an insightful and sometimes damn funny conversation.

Without further ado:

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Feminism and transgender liberation

Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose
the time, and the arena, and the manner of our revolution,
but more usually
we must do battle where we are standing.
— Audre Lorde

I’m a feminist. And a socialist. And a trans woman. I’m writing this because I’m angry and I want to do something productive with that anger.

Two days ago, a British socialist organisation published an article about transgender people. Not only do I disagree, I also disagree that this is just an opinion. Trans hatred would be a better term. The piece is supposed to be part one of two, one written by a feminist, one written by a trans activist. To get the debate going. Well, let’s have us some debate then.

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Reading group – Under Duress: Agency, Power and Consent

This is a summary of a reading group by the feminist group FEL* in Ghent, Belgium. We have monthly reading groups, each time around a different topic or author. Sometimes we read short pieces of books aloud together – we did most of Marilyn Frye’s The Politics of Reality this way and parts of Brownmiller’s Feminity – but usually people read articles in advance and then we discuss them. The discussion usually goes wildly off-topic and pretty often the session becomes more like a consciousness-raising (cr) group. Which is not a problem, we love it that way 🙂

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