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Reading group – Under Duress: Agency, Power and Consent

This is a summary of a reading group by the feminist group FEL* in Ghent, Belgium. We have monthly reading groups, each time around a different topic or author. Sometimes we read short pieces of books aloud together – we did most of Marilyn Frye’s The Politics of Reality this way and parts of Brownmiller’s Feminity – but usually people read articles in advance and then we discuss them. The discussion usually goes wildly off-topic and pretty often the session becomes more like a consciousness-raising (cr) group. Which is not a problem, we love it that way 🙂

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Leesgroep 26 april 2012

Voor de volgende feministische leesgroep lezen we enkele teksten van de blog A Radical TransFeminist en discussiëren we over agency, macht en consent:

  • Wanneer: donderdag 26 april 2012 om 19u
  • Waar: Gent – voor de exacte locatie, mail naar felfeminisme@gmail.com

Deze editie van de leesgroep is niet toegankelijk voor mannen.