Protest against a serial rapist and for better laws about violence against women, Brussels.

Welcome to the website of FEL – a grassroots feminist organisation based in Belgium. FEL is an acronym that stands for feminist and left, the word itself means “fierce”.

Early morning at “Break the silence”, a yearly event against violence against women, Ghent

Most of our activism is local and many of our texts are in Dutch.

In 2015 we ran a successful campaign against rape apologist Willem Elias, dean of University of Brussels (English text).  One year later, we’ve launched a campaign against professor Jan Heylen of the University of Leuven, who physically attacked an assistant teacher (doctoral student) – with an entire class of students as witnesses.

Debate about the future of feminism, Muntpunt, Brussels

We organise monthly reading groups that often become consciousness raising sessions, participate in mass protests, help women who experience violence, organize against male violence, distribute adbusting stickers and a feminist starter kit, and more. We are radical, against porn culture, antiracist and trans inclusive.

Several of us write for the Dutch blog De Tweede Sekse. Several of us make zines and one of us just published her first book, Feminism – A New Beginning. (In dutch, translation forthcoming).

Questions, comments? You can contact us at felfeminisme@gmail.com.

Take back the night march, Ghent

Here’s the texts that are in English:

Breakfast before the zine creating workshop
Protest march for the right to abortion, Brussels. While Belgium has this right, it is under attack and the law needs to improve

Articles in English



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