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Feminism and transgender liberation

Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose
the time, and the arena, and the manner of our revolution,
but more usually
we must do battle where we are standing.
— Audre Lorde

I’m a feminist. And a socialist. And a trans woman. I’m writing this because I’m angry and I want to do something productive with that anger.

Two days ago, a British socialist organisation published an article about transgender people. Not only do I disagree, I also disagree that this is just an opinion. Trans hatred would be a better term. The piece is supposed to be part one of two, one written by a feminist, one written by a trans activist. To get the debate going. Well, let’s have us some debate then.

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Other Voices – de toekomst van feminisme

Other Voices in Muntpunt, Brussel.

Other Voices makes space for interesting and inspiring speakers to talk on various topics. In the media or other debates we notice the same people again and again. It is no surprise that this little elite of people consists mostly of white higher middle class men. We want to work differently.

10981195_794657187297121_5588537960072353003_nOp 12 maart waren Samira Azabar en Evie Embrechts te gast bij Other Voices. Other Voices is een ontmoetingsplaats in Muntpunt in  Brussel, waar Bleri Lleshi gasten ontvangt over diverse thema’s. Thema van dit jaar is toekomstvisies.

Het onderwerp ter tafel was de toekomst van feminisme. De zaal zal propvol met een honderdtal mensen, en de discussie was boeiend. Lees verder Other Voices – de toekomst van feminisme