Elles Tournent doubles down on transphobia

De Tweede Sekse Voorbij

Elles Tournent, the “feminist” film festival in Brussels, displayed a complete lack of awareness earlier this year when they showed a movie by a trans hater, despite a protest campaign by trans people and allies.

They still haven’t publicly apologized for this, and now they have doubled down on the transphobia by firing the only trans member of their team – the web designer, who will be replaced by a volunteer who works for free. There’s a lesson about feminism and neoliberalism in here somewhere.

The web designer herself protested against the decision to show a movie made by a notorious trans hater, and the decision to fire her does seem to be a targeted strategy to get rid of people who don’t toe the company line. Too big a coincidence, as one could say.

More news as we get it.

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